About Us

The Four States Regional Partnership (FSRP) is an initiative formed as the result of a grant provided to Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas by the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DOD) Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA). The objective of the OEA grant is to position the Four States/Greater Texarkana region to develop a process to create more and better quality jobs for its citizenry. TexAmericas Center, a state of Texas redevelopment authority, was contracted to act as the Local Project Coordinator / Convener for the execution of this grant.

The goal of the Partnership is to promote the resources of the Four States Region, which is comprised of fourteen counties— 6 in Arkansas, 1 in Oklahoma, and 7 in Texas, as well as 1 Parish in Louisiana. The FSRP will strategically position the region for and is dedicated to: long-term, sustained growth in community/economic development, job creation and retention, small business development, and industry attraction. As part of this initiative, the Four States Regional Partnership website was designed and constructed to provide the multi-state community with a regional profile and the option to provide input.