Little River

Established in 1867, Little River County, Arkansas has been a haven of natural beauty and a region renowned for an abundance of fish and game throughout its history.

Always rich in natural resources, Little River County boasts abundant water from its many lakes and rivers, fertile farming soil, vast timberlands, and natural limestone. Over the years, major industries have located to Little River County because of its ample and affordable resources, but the region remains an unspoiled beauty and has balanced prosperity and progress with preservation.

Today, Little River County is a thriving mix of international industry, southern hospitality and unending outdoor recreation. The citizens of Little River in towns such as Ashdown, Foreman, Ogden, Wilton and Winthrop enjoy a rare and relaxing quality of life. The future of Little River County is as limitless as our natural resources and our creative, diverse and dedicated people.

County Courthouse Address:
351 N 2nd St # 6
Ashdown, AR 71822

List of Cities, Towns, Municipalities, Etc.:

  • Ashdown
  • Foreman
  • Ogden
  • Wilton
  • Winthrop