Our Mission

Mission: As the Four States Regional Partnership continues to take shape, the mission of the organization will align with the aim of the OEA grant: to position the Four State/Greater Texarkana region to develop processes that will create more and better quality jobs for its citizenry. There are four main objectives of the grant:


  1. Develop and Provide Access to a Stakeholder Map
    1. The stakeholder map is being developed in two parts:
      1. A database of contacts consisting of over 3,000 individuals representing business, civic, educational and government leadership has been built.
      2. A module on the website will display addresses and points of contact information on an interactive map for key categories.
    2. The of contacts is available to entities via the TexAmericas Center:
      1. Help is needed to review/update the contact information on a volunteer basis.
      2. The full list will be available upon request during the grant period.
    3. Develop a Regional Communications and Engagement Plan
      1. Communication and engagement with the residents of the Four State area as to the on-going activities being funded by the OEA grant
      2. Social media accounts will be created, including but not limited to:
        1. Facebook page
        2. LinkedIn group
      3. Launch and develop a website designed to be used by the local stakeholders and identified counties and participants, in order to showcase the constituent parts of the region
      4. Users of the website will become better familiarized with the regional assets that can and should be leveraged as shared community and economic development assets.
      5. The website will be the storehouse for works produced through the DOD OEA CEAA grant.
      6. In the long run, the website will pave the way to becoming an online marketing tool for the region’s ultimate economic/business development and marketing strategy.
    4. Conduct a Regional Economic Development Partnership Enhancement Feasibility Study
      1. There will be a half-day focus group and alignment session that will examine and discuss the potential for the region to come together and form a more robust regional economic development partnership.
      2. The ideal outcome would be the formation of a Regional Economic Development Organization funded and directed by government, education, civic and private-sector business leadership and managed by a professionally trained economic development industry staff member.
      3. The goal is to collaboratively and aggressively pursue capacity development and investment, quality job creation, and regional economy diversification programming.
    5. Conduct a Vertical Market Assessment & Workforce Needs: Training Supply Alignment Analysis
      1. Two separate studies will be performed simultaneously:
        1. A Vertical Market / Targeted Industry Assessment
        2. Workforce Needs : Training Supply Alignment Analysis
      2. Identify companies to interview. Employers will be asked to provide views and attitudes on a regional SWOT analysis, critical path assessment, and observed bottleneck issues. The multi-state and county area targets that are likely to be interviewed will be:
        1. the largest, professional & business service providers
        2. the largest primary job employers
        3. the fastest growing firms
        4. the largest advanced manufacturing employers
        5. the largest companies employing STEM professionals
      3. Identified educational representatives to interview include leadership personnel from:
        1. Vocational/technical training programs within K-12 systems and community colleges
        2. Curriculum management professionals at local Colleges and & Universities