The OEA Grant

With the support of several regional organizations, Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas was awarded an OEA grant for $454,772— $50,530 of local non-federal match funds and additional support were contributed by regional partners to meet the 10% requirement, including: the City of Texarkana, TX; the City of Texarkana, AR; Texarkana Chamber of Commerce; Atlanta, TX Economic Development Corporation; Cass County; Nash, TX Industrial Development Corporation; DeKalb, TX Industrial Development Corporation; Clarksville, TX Economic Development Corporation; and American Electric Power.

The funds will be used in a 15 month economic adjustment project for the region. The project has a number of goals, outlined here:

Goal 1: Strengthen support for economic development efforts

Goal 2: Diversify the regional economy through both business expansion and attraction

Goal 3: Explore the possibility of a regionally focused Economic Development group

Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas is partnering with the TexAmericas Center to accomplish this initiative. TexAmericas, a state of Texas redevelopment authority, will act as the Local Project Coordinator and Convener, and will be responsible for subcontracting for certain plans and studies necessary to accomplish the goals of the project. TexAmericas brings robust economic development knowledge and experience to this job creation and resource alignment effort.

About TexAmericas Center:

Located in the Texarkana metropolitan area, TexAmericas Center owns and operates one of the largest mixed use industrial parks in the United States. With roughly 12,000 development ready acres of land and about 3
million square feet of commercial and industrial product, TexAmericas Center services the four states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas) markets. Texas is the #1 state for business in the United States
of America because of its regulatory environment, tax policies, and workforce quality along with exceptional educational resources, infrastructure, and quality of living. Founded in 1997, TexAmericas
Center has the operating capabilities of a municipality but functions more like a traditional real estate development company, offering customized real estate solutions. In addition to controlling our own zoning and permitting processes and sustaining the life cycle of public infrastructure on the complex, TAC has the capability to lease, build-to-suit, or facilitate Greenfield owner-constructed projects in a timely and efficient manner. At TAC, we streamline leasing and manage government development processes all through a single point of contact. Our customers benefit from faster market entry by resolving zoning, permitting, inspection, and state and local incentive programs solely
through our organization. Additionally, the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) designated a 101 acre site on TexAmericas Center’s central campus as the first S.T.A.R. Site in Texas (Sites That Are Ready for construction to begin), advancing speed to market for our customers. Tenants of TexAmericas Center tend to be private business owners and corporations seeking flexible and cost effective space solutions.

About the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA):

The Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) is the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) primary source for assisting communities that are adversely impacted by Defense program changes, including base closures or realignments, base expansions, and contract or program cancellations. To assist affected communities, OEA manages and directs the Defense Economic Adjustment Program, and coordinates the involvement of other federal agencies.

Economic adjustment assistance provides a community-based context for assessing economic hardships caused by DoD program changes through: identifying and evaluating alternative courses of action, identifying resource requirements, and assisting in the preparation of an adjustment strategy or action plan to help communities help themselves.

OEA staff has a range of experience in economic and community development, land use planning, real estate redevelopment, federal real property programs, military programs, and worker adjustment. Project managers also bring a working knowledge of other Federal agencies and their respective programs to help communities put together an adjustment program combining federal, state, local and private resources.

OEA also administers a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) program, to encourage cooperative land use planning between military installations and the surrounding communities where civilian encroachment is likely to impair the operations of an installation. In these instances, OEA may provide technical and financial assistance to state and local governments to achieve compatible land use and development activities near defense facilities.

About Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas

  • Mission StatementThe mission is to be a “driving” force in the area to provide employers with workforce support for the economic benefit of the communities served.

    Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas provides workforce development services in Bowie, Cass, Delta, Franklin, Hopkins, Lamar, Morris, Red River, and Titus Counties. We link employers to a large pool of skilled workers. We connect job seekers to training opportunities. We help young adults identify career and training options for their future. We link employers to training options for their workforce. We link workforce, economic, and community development for the continued growth of the region.

  • OperationThe Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas Board is a nonprofit organization created by the Texas Legislature, Senate Bill 642 and House Bill 1863. The organization provides policy and program guidance and exercises independent oversight and evaluation of workforce development services for the region.

    The Board serves as the administrative entity for a number of workforce programs funded through state, federal, and local grants, including the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families/CHOICES (TANF/CHOICES), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education & Training (SNAP E&T), Child Care Services (CCF), and Trade Act Services (TRA).

  • Our TeamThe organization has a Board of Directors comprised of 25 local leaders representing the private sector, labor, education, economic development, vocational rehabilitation, public assistance, and public employment services, and 10 Chief Elected Officials who oversee the work done by the organization.

    Services are provided by a team of professional staff members through four workforce solutions offices. We partner with a number of organizations throughout the region, including economic development entities, chambers of commerce, colleges, and school districts to strengthen the region’s workforce.