Titus County was named for pioneer resident Andrew Jackson Titus (1814-1855), the man who opened the county’s first road to the river port in Jefferson.

The Caddo Indians were one of the first to appreciate the beauty of this area, for it was here that they made their home. Village sites and burial grounds have been located in numerous places in the county; on Ripley Creek, Harts Creek, Blundell Creek, Swannano Creek, and at Dellwood Park. Titus County was, perhaps, the last home of Indians in the Northeast Texas area, living here as late as 1845.

In the heart of Northeast Texas is the town of Mount Pleasant, founded May 11, 1848. John Binion, Sr., Richard Moore, and L. Gilbert laid off a forty-eight block town site to serve as county seat for Titus County, which was created by a legislative act on May 11, 1846. Until after the Civil War, Titus County also included present-day Franklin and Morris Counties. High waters along the creeks and the Sulphur River often halted travel in the early years. Record time to haul cotton to Jefferson was 5 days by ox wagon.

County Courthouse Address:
100 West First Street, Suite 200
Mt. Pleasant, Texas 75455

List of Cities, Towns, Municipalities, Etc.:

  • Miller’s Cove
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Talco
  • Winfield